How He Sustained a DJ Startup for Decades

He didn't plan to make this his career; his future seemed to be in radio. No, this was something fun to do, and earn some money on the side. But that's the funny thing about the best small businesses: when the joy outweighs the work, profit--financial and emotional--often follows. Or, as Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Entrepreneur Anthony Gelo is one of the hardest working DJs in New York. Anthony was born and raised in Queens, New York and has been in the DJ Entertainment business since 1994. He has performed at events ranging from Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Private Parties, School & Nightlife Events to working the crowd in Times Square during Fleet Week. He is a graduate of St. John’s University, where he still regularly works the crowds with expert beat matching and a vast collection of music. Anthony’s company is Good Times Productions, LLC.

Notes from the show:

Anthony got his start working in a video store, and got the opportunity to DJ his boss's teen dance party. It was a disaster. But he was hooked on DJing.

He bought entire record collections from garage sales.

He doesn't consider himself a specialist.

"When I'm playing to a crowd, I'm playing for them, not myself."

His Monday routine: download music from DJ services such as Promo Only Track Trends and Prime Cuts, and organize.

Anthony doesn't like to emcee a lot; he prefers the music to do the talking.

He switched to Serato Scratch Live (Serato DJ) in 2004.

Experience trumps a great music collection.

He thought he was going to have a career in radio.

To this day, Anthony is still very protective of his personal brand; he still considers himself "single op."

His advice to young DJs: get an all-in-one controller, learn basic beat matching, learn different types of music, how to deal with clients, how NOT to make the work about you.

Most of Anthony's clients come from referrals and online reviews.

A Yankee fan from Queens.

The difference between Brooklyn/Manhattan weddings and Long Island weddings.

What it felt like to work Times Square during Fleet Week.

How he stays healthy and builds routines.

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