Prywes, PC shows artists and entrepreneurs how to structure and grow a business.

Striving to provide the highest value in concierge legal services to entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and artists, every step of the way...

If you are looking for a New York attorney who cares about customer service and providing business guidance, you have come to the right place. Prywes, PC is a New York startup law firm, here to guide you on your long journey towards your dream of running your own business. It begins with a simple idea that grabs hold of your thoughts, until you make the very important decision to turn possibility into reality. But you can't do it all alone. Let Prywes, PC file your LLC or corporation. Let Prywes, PC draft your operating agreements, shareholder contracts or joint venture agreements. Let Prywes, PC help you figure out the best language for Terms and Conditions, Employment Manuals, or Non-Disclosure Agreements. 

A lawyer's job is to provide you guidance and attention. Prywes, PC is committed to taking the pain out of the procedure.

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Michael Prywes shares his thoughts on being a "professional friend" to artists and creative entrepreneurs.

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