Glorious Loafers and Time Savings

Last year, I discovered loafers. I bought a snazzy pair of Calvin Klein black leather loafers with a shiny buckle across the top for $40. As I raced out the door this morning, I paused and thought, "Wow! Where have these been all my life?"

I know it seems silly, that a pair of shoes should please me. But ease pleases me. I don't miss spending my time tying shoes. Slipping them on in an instant feels like a superpower. I shave a couple of minutes off the day.

And then there are my black socks. I like to talk about them, because I have done a complete 180 on black socks and sneakers. My youngest son has always insisted on wearing blacks socks with his sneakers, and I always begged him to try white or grey athletic socks. I always thought of old men in Florida wearing black socks and sandals and looking decidedly unfashionable. But when I got to the gym a few years ago, I suddenly saw grown men wearing black socks with their running shoes. Apparently, they became fashionable. And I got to thinking...

If I'm wearing shorts outside, I'm casual. I'll probably wear sandals. No socks. But if I'm wearing pants, I may be going to work. And if I'm going to work, I'm wearing my loafers. If I'm wearing shorts inside, I'm going to the gym. Why not take away one more piece of decision-making? I went to Target, bought a ton of pairs of black athletic socks, and only wear those each day? Sure, I look ridiculous at the gym, especially when wearing shorts and bright salmon-colored Newtons (the most comfortable sneaker ever, even if they do have laces), but it's not like I brush my hair or wear flattering shirts to the gym anyhow. I missed my chance to make a first impression at the gym a long time ago.

But more important, I have shaved off at least a couple of minutes a day I used to spend finding matching socks, and distinguishing between white athletic socks and black dress socks. Those few minutes before work, plus the minute or two minutes saved by not tying laces, add up. 5 minutes to drink a cup of coffee. Read a couple of more pages of a book. Read a few more articles. 5 days a week of this is a savings of 25 minutes. For the year, 1300 minutes, or almost an entire day.

Now, if only I could keep up with all of my email...